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September Update

HI Saber friends.

Welcome to the September update albeit a slightly late one, I’ll jump straight in to it.

Lead Time Delay.

At the end of last month we started receiving reports of sabers not booting up after they had been charged or a kill key in place, more and more reports came in and it turned out to be an entire batch of recharge ports we had purchased were not disengaging or fit for purpose.

For the first time in DCSabers history we had to begin the process of a recall from sabers all over the world , and begin reinstalling all of the sabers on our bench including backlog sabers it has been a massive task but unfortunately as its just myself making these it has had a knock on effect of all stated lead times this month.

We still hit 75% of our lead times but for the rest obviously we’d rather our work be a little late than arrive defective, and we massively appreciate our clients patience on this.


That being said Backlog sabers are dwindling! we have only a handful left to ship across the entire original model range which is a real boost to us now as we filter these in with our growing range of sabers.

We’ve everything we need now to complete, the only factor is time but with many backlog sabers cresting a year on order these are now top priority, especially as the remaining models are our best and we want them in our clients hands so we can get these up for general sale before the Christmas period.

Master Builds / Mystery Sabers.

Due to the aforementioned issues on our line work these sabers have also had a time frame set back, I usually build these in my own time outside of working hours, but unfortunately that time this month has been taken fixing the RCP issue.

I’ll be in touch with MB clients next week and explain what’s going with revised timings.

We’re aware some later orders were not contacted in the last round of communications, we will rectify that too.


October Down Time.

In early October myself and Dominique are finally tying the knot, we plan to take a week from DCSabers and spend time away with our family we are not 100% when In October this will be but we want as many remaining issues and Backlog bits out before this happens as possible.

A bit of a shorter update this month but I’m absolutely stacked out, and my main focus is catch up and backlog, October update I’m sure will be more fruitful.

Thank you to everyone that follows, everyone that has ordered and everyone that is patiently waiting for their saber in hand we appreciate you all massively.

Kind regards



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