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DCSabers is the official business name for the art of John Lyle,

It was formed in 2016 when John decided to make the huge step of leaving a well paid but extremely toxic job to pursue a dream of making a small family owned creative business and using his huge passion for Star Wars.

Over the course of our first year of business we started taking install commissions of third party hilts, developing new accessories and replacement parts sold through our shop on Etsy.

From this we could then go ahead in our first expansion which saw us purchase our first in house lathe and produce our first ever full custom saber the DCSabers Legacy.

Fast forward  to 2023 and DCSabers has grown substantially into one of the biggest UK manufacturers of hand made custom Lightsabers with our own unique signature style.

John likes being exceptionally creative, usually taking a vast amount of time to perfect the sabers that we then sell.

One of the aspects he is known for in the industry is to create sabers that mix with other cultures and sub cultures that we are interested in, 

John uses many different types of materials to achieve our signature style, these include Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Wood, Bone and some precious stones to achieve an unmatched signature look that DCSabers is known for.

Into 2024 DCSabers will be bringing more genre defining products to the custom saber world!

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