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Q. Can i ask for an update on my pre 1st of December order

Of Course :) but you must understand that although work starts immediately your saber will most likely not be ready before the estimated stated time, it can take 7 working days to reply to you due to how busy I am, and unfortunately because I am family man as a rule I rarely answer after hours or at the weekend and within UK holidays.

Our Custom Lightsabers are totally hand made and because of this are complicated and extremely time consuming to make, where the customers sees the finished product behind the scenes many many hours have tirelessly gone into its production.


We totally understand customers are excited to receive their sabers but with any reputable handcrafted saber manufacturers their work is like art to them and art takes time, we are no exception. 

Q. How long will my DCSabers One Off Commission / Master Build take.

A. These sabers and installs are our FINEST work and have no set time frame, and can sometimes take 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR or more, we do and will not rush these jobs in any way and honestly, to produce our best work we cannot be pressured into doing so, again, you MUST agree to this before ordering.

Q. Can I have a removable 18650 li-ion Battery in my saber?


A. Unfortunately not at the moment, we are developing a new chassis to accommodate but currently due to warranty restrictions we only offer the highest quality wired in batteries. 


Q. The shipping costs seems expensive, why is that?


A. Anything sent in the UK is always sent via Royal Mail  we do this because our sabers are best left out of the mailing system as much as possible.


We ship internationally via UPS because they give us the best security options against fraudulent claims of non delivery, they also have a full tracking system which benefits our customers.


Q. It says that some of your sabers are rated for full contact controlled combat what does that mean?


A. Certain models we offer are constructed in such a way that they are capable of withstanding the force of two sabers being fought with such as in Ludo Sport, this does not make them indestructible, sabers do not like to be dropped, thrown, or otherwise mistreated in any way and doing so will affect your warranty. 

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