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The DCSabers Vanaheim is the second in our new viking inspired range, and comes Beautifully etched with period style knot work, brass accents, comfortable textured burgundy grip and runes of viking lore.


the DCSabers Vanaheim is the perfect cross over from SCFI and historical influences.


Installed NeoPixel with Shtokcustomworx NeoPixel internals


Proffie V2.2


ShtokCustomWerx Neo Connector.

KR Sabers Premium 28mm Bass Speaker.

Decorative 3D Printed internal chassis with Removeable battery capability.


Due to the hand made nature of the product the weathering areas will be different from the photos supplied and unique to your individual piece.


DOES NOT come with a NeoPixel Blade or Charger.

DCSabers Vanaheim

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