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Corellian Master


"I took the first step by collecting the various parts. The lightsaber, while an elegant and deadly weapon, actually was not that complex.


Getting the parts to put one together was not difficult at all. To serve as the hilt, for example, I salvaged the throttle assembly and handlebar tube from a junked speeder bike. I took it from where the wreck hung in the Crash cantina and no one so much as noticed me make off with it"


We are proud to reveal our take on the popular Corran Horn "Speeder Bike Handle" style of saber.


This saber comes installed with NeoPixel internals and with the Proffie V2.2


The saber is approximately 27cm in length and 500g (1.1lbs) in weight.


DCSabers 3D printed Chassis with Removable battery capability

ShtokCustomWerx Neo Connector.

KR Sabers Premium 28mm Bass Speaker.


Due to the hand made nature of the product the weathering and damaged areas will be different from the photos supplied and unique to your individual piece.


This saber DOES NOT come with a NeoPixel Blade or Charger.




Terms Of Service.




We strictly do not offer Refunds, Cancellations, or Returns on our products or any services offered including installs.


Our products are handcrafted to order and made specifically for each customer.


This is applies to any deadlines, issues with construction times, or Buyer’s Remorse.




Should there be an issue with the products function and it is covered under our warranty we will be happy to service to correct the fault or replace the product like for like at our discretion.


We DO NOT offer refunds on sabers that have developed faults.


Full Warranty information can be found on our website.



Domestic Shipping via Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day when dispatched.


We ship all international orders via UPS or USPS we will not use any other courier or shipping company, our sabers are shipped fully tracked and insured and must be signed for by an adult, when your saber ships you will be updated through Etsy with your tracking details.


DCSabers is NOT responsible for any delays or damage caused by international inspection agencies/customs agencies, everything is securely and correctly packed for transit on dispatch.


International buyers may be charged a handling fee and or customs tax chargers when importing our work, this has nothing to do with DCSabers, this is a governmental process and it is completely out of our hands.

DCSabers Corellian Master

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