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DCSabers Jericho.


A thoroughly Sith saber, full of hate and malice and bearing the Scars of battle!


With each scared saber with different damage patterns making each Jericho exclusive to thier owners.


This saber is perfect for any saber collector or some one looking for a bombproof hilt that's built for Battle!!


Installed NeoPixel with Shtokcustomworx NeoPixel internals -



For those that want to go. Ultra deep in a DIY customisable saber experience (recommended for advanced saber users)


All installed with -


28mm Bass Speaker

DCSabers 3d printed Removeable battery capability chassis

DCSabers Blade Plug

2 years Warranty


This saber DOES NOT come with a NeoPixel Blade or battery.

The DCSabers Jericho

HintaAlkaen 360,00£
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